Don’t Let YOUR House Get Mold!

By | December 15, 2016

The only way that mold can grow in a home is moisture to feed on. In homes, there are an abundance of materials that mold can grow on. These include wood, building materials, and drywall, to name a few. It can, however, be controlled by keeping the moisture in the home as low as possible. Mold needs twenty-four to forty-eight hours to start growing. Therefore, if anything in your house is wet for longer than one day, mold will likely start to grow

The first thing that causes mold problems is water leaks, such as leaking walls or roofs, leaking pipes, and leaking showers, for example. You should immediately fix any leaks that you find in your house, as well as regularly inspect for them. 

Condensation is another main cause of moisture growing. Condensation is formed when water vapor in the air cools and becomes liquid onto cold surfaces. These might include pipes, water tanks, windows, or concrete walls. The best way to keep condensation low is to keep rooms at a warmer temperature rather than cold. You can install insulation too, which will be a big help. The key is to keep the humidity in the house low, as if it stays high enough for long enough, mold can start to grow just from humidity itself. In order to reduce humidity, properly ventilate your house. You can do this by keeping windows open during the day, or when you are in the shower. Be sure all windows are closed when it is raining. The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms where moisture buildup is more prone. You should keep the exhaust fans on when in these rooms. Another thing you can do is purchase a dehumidifier.

Always be sure that you dry your clothes after washing them. Wet clothes are breeding grounds for mold, so never let them sit in a wet pile for extended periods of time. If mold has begun to grow in your house, you have to get it removed. You may think that since its sat for a while that its fine, but mold can actually lay dormant for quite a while without dying. Mold loves cotton and wood; it will almost never grow on things such as glass or plastic, UNLESS there is grease, or any other thing of the sort that it can feed off of. 

Mold also loves wallpaper, plaster, furniture, ceilings, and carpets. Clean often, and be sure to vacuum and dust. Studies have shown that 82% of mold grows off of dust alone.

Mold spores usually are in the air inside buildings frequently, and there really isn’t anything to do about it. They enter through air ducts, doors, and windows. They can also be brought in from outside by your animal, your hair, and even your clothes. Mold loves dark places. Therefore, be sure that you draw the curtains every once in a while and let in some sun; this will reduce the chance of mold growing in the home. It does not usually grow in cold environments, by the way. Mold loves warm conditions with humidity. It needs about 70+ degrees to grow.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let YOUR House Get Mold!

  1. Sam

    Who leaves their clothes in the washing machine? What a waste of water, detergent, and also its gross. Hygiene, people!

  2. Kristen

    People do it by accident. I mean imagine if you have four kids, errands, doctors appointments, carpool, and everything. I’ve accidentally left laundry in the wash several times and had to re-wash it. Except never to the point of mold growing..


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